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Dealing with a fire is frightening by itself. Getting children, pets and other adults out of the home doesn’t leave much if any time to salvage mementos, keepsakes or important papers. After the fire is out and the fire department has left, the real work of getting your home put back to rights begins. There will almost certainly be heat and smoke damage from the fire itself and anything it has consumed. Water or chemical extinguisher damage is nearly certain from fire hoses or other means of extinguishing the blaze. Of course, beyond all this is the question of what you can expect to keep from your belongings and what may need to be discarded.

fireReassured Restoration are here to help with the aftermath of a fire or nearly any other disaster with speed, compassion and skill. After the fire is out, the first step is to call us. Our dispatchers will ask you some questions about the fire, including what kind it was and how much overall damage was involved.

Some common types of fire include:

  • Electrical (faulty wiring, too many plugs in an outlet, etc.)
  • Kitchen (grease, oil, faulty burner, etc.)
  • Other (flammables catching combustible furnishings, improperly extinguished cigarettes, etc.)

By knowing what kind of fire created the disaster, we can be sure we send technicians equipped for the job right from the start. This helps save time and money for you, as they can work more efficiently and get your home back to normal faster. Once our technicians arrive, they will perform an independent damage assessment. This includes checking the rooms adjacent to the site of the fire for damage that may not be visible to the naked eye, as well as possible structural or other problems. During the assessment, we will also check which if any furnishings have been damaged and whether or not they are salvageable. This assessment will help determine which areas receive initial priority, because the most damaged areas will need the most care and therefore take the most time. Additionally, this assessment will help us explain to your insurance company what needs to be done and why so you can be reimbursed for your expense and any losses as quickly as possible. During this phase, we will help you fill out the forms and obtain any documentation necessary to present to your insurance carrier, as well as submit the claim for you so you can focus on moving on with your life.

img-fireThe next step is to board up or tarp any windows, walls or roof areas compromised by the fire. Windows can blow out or shatter from the heat of a fire, and in extreme cases walls and roofs may also be damaged. By covering up these areas immediately, we can help prevent further damage to the structure and furnishings and keep your home or business secure from unauthorized entry during the repair process.

Once the structure is secured against possible secondary damage the next step is to remove the water used to combat the blaze. This step is undertaken as quickly as possible and is intended to remove the bulk of the water from the structure and furnishings. Once major water cleanup has occurred, dehumidifiers and special fans will be brought in to finish the drying process. This helps prevent mildew, mold and other kinds of water damage if they aren’t already present, and keeps them from getting worse if they are.

The next phase is cleaning the soot and smoke from exposed surfaces. This takes special training and equipment to do properly, but it is an essential step in preventing odors caused by scorched or burnt materials from coming back as well as ameliorating further damage to your furnishings and home. Smoke remediation generally begins at the same time as secondary water damage treatment, but this depends on the type of fire and the extent of the damage involved.

After the smoke and soot have been cleaned out, the next step is to care for any salvageable furnishings. In this step, your furnishings will be cleaned and scrubbed as necessary and appropriate to restore them to the same condition they were in before the fire. A variety of techniques may be employed for this, including foggers and industrial air scrubbers to remove odors and various chemical applications to lift out smoke and soot stains and smells. Once this process is underway, the final step is to take on any restoration work which may be required. The restoration process will be discussed in a future article.

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Going through a fire is almost always a frightening experience while it’s happening and a frustrating one after the fact. You may think your family’s belongings are a lost cause, but depending on the kind of fire and materials involved this may not be the case. To get the best and fastest possible results when you have a fire, contact Reassured Restoration at (669) 770-5373. We’ll work with your insurance company and apprise you of what we’re doing at every step of the fire remediation process so you and your family can move on like the incident never happened. Choosing Reassured Restoration is the first step to turning your disaster into a happy ending!

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